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slot canyon. n. A very narrow canyon usually of sandstone or limestone that has a depth considerably greater than its width.

A box canyon forms as sections of wall collapse further and further back into the land. The heads of these canyons are marked by cliffs on at least three sides. Slot canyons are narrow corridors ... Slot Canyon in Anza Borrego State Park - California Through ... The slot canyon in Anza Borrego is one of those hikes that you never realized you had right in California. The slot canyon is a beautiful natural formation nestled in the heart of the Anza Borrego State Park, about an hour and a half East of San Diego. Tips for visiting Arizona's slot canyons near Page, Arizona Upper Antelope Canyon: an easy-to-explore Arizona slot canyon. Upper Antelope Canyon is the easiest Arizona slot canyon to maneuver. After paying a hiking and permit fee (around $21 on our last visit), a truck takes visitors from the starting point off Highway 89 near Page, Arizona, to the canyon’s opening. Experiencing The Slot Canyons: Nature’s Best Kept Secret ... A slot canyon is significantly deeper than it is wide. Some slot canyons can measure less than three feet across at the top but drop more than 100 feet to the floor of the canyon. Many slot canyons are formed in sandstone and limestone rock, although slot canyons in other rock types such as granite and basalt are possible.

On the "Wonder of Water" hike, visitors pass by tumbling waterfalls, slot canyons, and beautiful Bow Lake to see how water and ice have sculpted the landscape.

canyon | National Geographic Society The term “gorge” is often used to mean “canyon,” but a gorge is almost always steeper and narrower than a canyon. Denizen | Definition of Denizen by Merriam-Webster

The definition of the term slot canyon is "a narrow canyon formed by the wear of water rushing through rock". These unique canyons are fairly common in the Desert Southwest sector (such as in Utah or Arizona) of the United States.

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Slot Canyons. Slot canyons are narrow gorges in soft rocks like Utah’s layered sedimentary deposits. They are named for their extreme relative depth to width, often squeezing down to a sliver. It is said that Utah has the largest concentration of slot canyons in the world, and many of them are easily accessible.

Canyon definition is - a deep narrow valley with steep sides and often with a stream flowing through it. How to use canyon in a sentence.

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